What will happen to Oude Molen Eco Village?

When I visited the Millstone Farmstall this afternoon, I saw this notice up on the wall:

Last year, I had written about the possibility that Oude Molen might ‘disappear’ sometime soon (see here).

It looks like this might actually happen. A sickening thought.

Is anyone going to that meeting? If you are, please tell me what happens?

4 thoughts on “What will happen to Oude Molen Eco Village?

    • Thank you, Bruno. I’ve bookmarked that link and have joined up. Please keep us informed of what is happening with regard to the eco village – it would be terrible to lose this place to developers too.

  1. Governments around the world support Eco Villages because they understand the value of decentralizing the burden of governance… They build schools and roads for these villages; help finance housing schemes within Eco Villages and even change laws to accommodate alternate building methodologies and social structures that evolve and are redefined by Eco Villages.-Over the past 15 years almost 3000 Eco Villages have been established (almost 100 per country!) In Cape Town SA, Government acted in partnership with the Sustainable Institute and the local community to help establish the Lynedock Eco Village, Stellenbosh (on private lands.)
    ”Ecovillages can take people out of poverty and create jobs through the sense and spirit of community. They can restore human dignity in a profound way” – Fritj of Capra, Fundacao Gaia.

    Oude Molen Eco Village was established by the community in 2003.
    Currently we have a school for children (Waldorf), A Children’s Food Garden Educational Program, A Horse Riding School,An Eco Educational Theater for children, A Hospice- and Health Care Training program (Robin Trust-NGO)- A play center for children, A child friendly Restaurant, A pool that gets well over 500 visitors each week-end, 2 Backpackers providing accommodation, several Micro- Enterprises, NGO’s and NPO’s and an organic Farm that produces food and employment, several active artists, photographers and crafts person’s,a High Tension Structural Engineering /metal workshop, Motor Mechanics, a basic recycling system, a Music recording/ practice studio, Ceramic studio and classes for adults and we also produce natural fertilizers, pesticides, and manure, a local internetwork, meditation sessions….and so much more!!!!!…-

    Over the years an enormous effort from the villagers has gone into upgrading and maintaining the estate.There has however been a lot of confusion about the nature of its relationship with government because this is the first and only Eco Village to be established on Public lands in the world. Hence Oude Molen presents a unique opportunity to evolve and define a more holistic working model that showcases a more intelligent mode of engagement between the local communities and the custodians of public lands….. Unfortunately, the bureaucrats see it as an opportunity to turn over a fast buck an want to put a vaccine factory -Biovac- on the estate— There are 4 000 people living in the village next door!!!-???— Figure that one!!

    Oude Molen Eco Village is a National Treasure waiting to be discovered!……..A GREAT moment in the evolution of Human Ecology!

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