Coffee and chococcino by the fire

We popped over to our favourite local farmstall, the Millstone in Oude Molen Eco Village, for a cup of coffee, and found ourselves sitting in the appropriately named Red Room, in front of a crackling fire. The wind was a bit blustery outside, which made it too nippy to sit at the rustic wooden tables under the old treehouse tree.

It was so peaceful there – just perfect for a lazy, dozy Saturday early afternoon with that post-lunch-and-almost-time-for-a-little-snoozle kind of mood.

Yaaaawwwwnnn… Hmm… speaking of which… I think my cat may need a snuggle. 😉

3 thoughts on “Coffee and chococcino by the fire

    • Hello Annette, well, that’s quite easy.

      Travelling from town along the N2 outbound, you take the Pinelands/Raapenberg Road off-ramp (which is the turn-off just after the M5 north and the M5 south). You keep towards the left as the off-ramp reaches the T-junction with Raapenberg Road (which is crossing the N2 on a bridge), and there you turn left. You stay in the left-hand lane as you head towards the traffic light. (If you were to go straight, you’d be entering Pinelands along Forest Drive.)

      Instead of going through the traffic light, you take the slip-lane off towards the left, into Alexandra Road. This will take you past the turn-off (Park Road, I think it’s called) to the Vincent Pallotti Hospital. At that traffic light, you go straight. You’ll have the railway line on your right, and you’ll see the Pinelands railway station coming up on your right shortly afterwards. There’s a pedestrian crossing with a traffic light, which you’ll cross, and just after it, a tiny road goes off to the left, into Oude Molen Eco Village. Turn in here.

      The booms at the entrance are usually down during the morning, so you may have to sign in – or just tell them you’re going to the Millstone Farm Stall. At the booms/T-junction, you turn left, and follow the road as it curves gently towards the right. You’ll pass a large open parking area on your left, a turn-off to the left (ignore), the colourful Gaia Waldorf School also on your left, and a large building with a Play Centre (I’ve forgotten the name) on your right, and the road will take you straight towards some paddocks with horses.

      There’s a sign there, indicating that this is the Millstone Farm Stall. Turn left into the parking area in front of the paddocks.

      ENJOY YOUR VISIT! I look forward to hearing all about it – let me know what you think. 🙂

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