Awful news

We met our nextdoor neighbours at the local shops this evening, and they shared some awful news with us:

Their new cat Tugger, the gorgeous, playful, adventure-seeking ginger cat that visited us last Sunday (see here), was knocked down by a fast-driving car in the road, just outside their house, during the night from Sunday to Monday.

Tugger asking for a tummy-rub

Goodbye, dearest Tugger.

9 thoughts on “Awful news

  1. God, you don’t mess with Tuffy do you! Step on his territory and he hires a hit man!

    No seriously – I can’t believe that just a few days after you first introduced us to him he’s no longer here. As I’ve mentioned before, fast cars are the reason that my cat is a house cat – I really couldn’t forgive myself if she was to be run over on the busy road on which we live.

    Rest in peace little Tugger xxx

  2. That is indeed awful news. So sad for the family to lose a pet in that way. My two aren’t nearly as scared of cars as I’d like them to be (even though Tom was run over and survived).

    • It must have been a miracle that Tom survived being run over! I’m glad he did, because he’s a gorgeous cat! He’s probably down one life though, so you’ll need to watch him. 😉

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