13 thoughts on “Let sleeping cats lie

    • Hi Juanita – you’re welcome. I just thought the pictures were particularly appropriate on a wintery day like we’re having in Cape Town today – torrential downpours, flooded streets, cold temperatures, brrrr.

    • Our one is huddled up in front of the heater too… in fact, pressed very firmly against it. It never ceases to amaze me that she doesn’t catch fire! It’s an oil heater, but the fins get scaldingly hot, though this doesn’t seem to penetrate through all the layers of her fur. Strange, hey?

      • Hehehehe, actually I should have! You’re so right, Helen. But I think I might even have enough photos JUST of Tuffy, even though there isn’t much VARIETY in terms of WHERE she sleeps.

  1. Hi Reggie! I found my way over here from Kathy or Scott’s site, I’ve forgotten with all the blog-surfing I’ve been doing! The kitty-slideshow caught my attention as I’ve looked around your site and I decided to comment. So cute! Did you take all of these shots?

    I had to google “Bafana Bafana” to see what it meant! What excitement you must have going on over there with the World Cup. I don’t follow soccer (er, football!) but one can’t help but notice with all the media coverage. My country is out of it too! I remember when we were watching a game with the kids in school being struck by the thought that I never realized that it actually gets cold in Africa! One (or an American such as myself anyway!)thinks of the whole continent as being warm. So strange to think of you beginning winter as we begin our summer.

    Sorry to have rambled on in this comment!

    • Hello Karma

      Any blog-friend of Kathy’s or Scott’s is a friend of mine. Lovely to see you here, thank you for your comment, and don’t worry about rambling! No, I didn’t take all those pictures of the cats – we only have ONE cat living with us. Well, so far… πŸ˜‰

      Oh – and I just saw that the USA lost 1-2 against Ghana tonight, so I’m very sorry you are now also out of the tournament.

      And yes, it can get very cold here too; in fact, we sometimes get snow in the mountains during winter (not that I’ve ever seen or touched or played in snow so far, which must sound strange to an American like you, but that’s definitely still on my gotta do list!!).

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