How to bake a perfectly simple chocolate chunk loaf cake

This is a recipe for a really simple, straightforward, no-muss no-fuss, chocolate cake with some chunks of dark chocolate tossed into the mix.

The amounts used aren’t prescriptive, as I used Granny’s old method of “Backen nach Schnauze”.

This basically means that you adjust the ingredients as you go, depending on the water content or creaminess of the butter, the amount of sugar you like, the sizes of the eggs you use, the creaminess of the milk, the amount of dark cocoa or bitter chocolate you prefer, and the size of the loaf tin.

I’ve used roughly the following ingredients:

250g butter
200g (less than a cup) of sugar
2 large free-range eggs
2 dessert spoons of milk
2 dessert spoons of dark cocoa
500g (about 2 cups) of flour
Half a slab of dark chocolate in chunks

You can add a layer of chocolate frosting or stick colourful smarties ontop if you wish (and if you want to subsidise your dentist), but I prefer cakes that aren’t sweet and sugary. And I like cakes that don’t require you to dirty a lot of dishes and utensils, or that need time and patience and attention to detail. There’s too many other things clamouring for our attention nowadays!

So, give it a try, and let me know if it works for you.

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And lastly:

Enjoy slices of this delicious chocolate chunk loaf cake with a cup of coffee, or tea, in front of the telly, while watching the opening match of the 2010 Fifa World Cup Soccer Tournament between Bafana Bafana and Mexico at Soccer City in Johannesburg.

Kick-off is TODAY at 16h00 SA time promptly!

8 thoughts on “How to bake a perfectly simple chocolate chunk loaf cake

  1. Hello Reggie! In less than ½ hour we will see the opening game in the World Cup. I can’t bake this cake today – but be 100% sure I’ll do it to the first Danish fight monday agains Holland!!! We have read, listened and seen SO much about your lovely country lately, it’s really a big issue here far away in little Denmark;-). It’s great that this World Cup is in Africa, and I really hope it will bring a lot of hope and progress to Africa – and to your great nation, South Africa. And a lot of nice football-fights -and fun! See you 😉

    • Hello Truels – I’m thrilled that you are sharing in our excitement for the World Cup. Really thrilled. Did you enjoy the Opening Ceremony? We thought it was fantastic! And so was our first match. Siyanithanda Bafana Bafana! (We love you Bafana Bafana!) [if you want to know how to pronounce that, listen here.]

    • Hello Helen – the Nomu cocoa powder is really tasty. I also love their ‘rubs’, with all those heavenly fragrant spices blended together.

      And we were so impressed with the Opening Ceremony! It was really well choreographed, colourful, and so African! Someone mentioned that SABC1 only showed the first 45 minutes of the Opening Ceremony, and that it was actually a lot longer? I had no idea…

      And well done to Bafana Bafana for playing so well in the Opening Match against Mexico. A pity that we drew, but hopefully we’ll do better in the second round.

  2. Great to have your news and photo’s again,
    Will be trying the chocolate cake for sure!

    Soccer was great, South Africa is great, so are all the stadiums. Long live South Africa. Three cheers for Bafana.

    • Hahaha! Hello Pauline, glad to be back on the blog again too.

      Yes, wasn’t our Opening Ceremony and Opening Match FANTASTIC?! After a slow start, I thought BB played extremely well… although I do wish we hadn’t DRAWN, but WON!

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