Please be patient…

I shall post again really soon!

Two weeks ago (gosh, was it that long ago already?!), we spent a couple of days on a most delightful farm outside Swellendam, known as Somerset Gift Getaway Farm. And I’m still busy writing up what we did there, and sifting through all the photos I took.

Just a little while longer, okay? It’ll be worth it. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Please be patient…

    • The books arrived today!!! I was amazed they made it through customs, though they did charge me for the privilege of importing books, silly sods! But very happy they reached me nonetheless. I’ll have something to read now. 🙂 Thank you, Bobz!

    • Hello Kathy, I’m attending a workshop on Animal Communication this weekend, and what with all the soccer matches, I don’t know whether I’ll have ANY time to blog until the end of the World Cup!!! 🙂 Giggle… No, I’m sure I’ll make some time. Can’t leave everyone dangling for ANOTHER month, can I. Anyhow, have a great trip yourself, and looking forward to reading more about it on your blog. Safe traveling!

  1. Why is a charge in place for my sending a gift to you? I am so confused…and please tell me who to complain on this one? You cant have books as gifts? Anyway I wanted to show off our color of local story and language…ejnoy

  2. Good Morning Regg, so what is up in the animal communication seminar? This sounds quite psych, and therefore interesting to…so well, why not write on this topic? Oh did the books package arrive without undue damage? Can I send them in a manner where you do not pay a tax?

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