In adoration of Tuffy

Ever since engaging in some intensive decluttering and autumn-cleaning of our cupboards and shelves (as I wrote about here), I’ve been inundated with work. It’s really quite strange.

Perhaps there is really some truth behind the theory that, if you let go of things you no longer need, you open the door (and the windows) to letting in the new?

In fact, today I almost turned away a client. This was so scary (there is clearly some residual poverty consciousness hovering about…) that I found myself backtracking and accepting the work after all. There goes my weekend.

I’m not complaining, really! It’s just one of those times where I’d like to clone myself… just for a couple of days.

Fortunately, Tuffy-Cat is always there to remind me that work must be balanced with pleasure.

At every opportunity, she shows me that such joys and tingling delights await those who allow themselves to be caressed by the rays of the morning sun, the bright and glorious centre of our solar system…

She whispers to me, with soft paws kneading the floor, that utter bliss and profound peace can come from savouring the sun’s life-giving warmth, allowing its heat to flow deeply into my core… if only I would step away from the computer for a little while.

She calls to me, gently, subtly, her tail-tip languorously weaving up and down, telling me that I must, I must take the time to surrender to the sun completely, before it disappears behind the wall of the house, the corner of the roof, or a blanket of rain-soaked clouds.


8 thoughts on “In adoration of Tuffy

  1. I do believe that letting go of the old will bring room for the new. Sometimes we simply have to clear away what is stagnant. Hi Tuffy Cat! (And thanks for your earlier advice.)

  2. My cat Chocolat is like a heat-seeking missile : constantly tracking the sun. She’s like a mobile, furry sundial. I often return home to find her basking luxuriously on our bed, stretched out, sunning her tummy …. just seeing her in these sun-worship poses relaxes me. All anxious, stressed people should adopt a cat : best stress-busters I can think of.

  3. Oh she such is a lovely and wise-looking cat! I hope you took a few moments to sun-worship with her before you got back to your work. The winter sun streams into my living room in the cooler months and I often join my two on the floor. It is the best!

    • Hello Helen – yes, I always try to join in at least for a few moments. And I also love curling up on the floor with Tuffy when she’s found a sunny spot, particularly in winter. It is sooo soothing…. you can just feel the tensions melting away.

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