Autumn sky

I was hanging up the washing this morning, and struggling with the heavy water-logged towels, when I happened to look up.

That’s when I noticed the sky.

A brilliant . deep . breathtaking . blue.


Plane tree leaves against the sky

These awe-inspiring, gasp-inducing autumn skies make up for all the cloudy, drizzly, wind-swept, cloud-blankets that always become more prevalent at this time of year.

Red roof against the sky

Doesn’t this also make you want to dive into it, swim and swoop and glide all around in it, and drink it into yourself in large gulps?

Aaaahhhh…. Heaven.

5 thoughts on “Autumn sky

  1. Oh Reggie, the blue of that sky and the red roof and the yellowish leaves are stunning. Inspiring. I am drinking in some of your heaven and it tastes delicious. Oh don’t we love those blue sky days?

  2. Those blue sky days always seem too few and far between here in Nova Scotia. I guess we have to do like Kathy and just drink up their deliciousness whenever they appear.

    Though both blues are appealing, the one at bottom appears warmer. I’d be happy with either today 🙂

  3. The one at the bottom probably appears warmer because of the red roof next to it. 🙂

    This morning’s rain has dissipated, and we are blessed with a gorgeously blue sky this afternoon.

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