A very exciting book delivery!

About a month ago, I placed an order with Loot, an online retailer that sells books, DVDs, games and music at remarkably discounted prices (A Tip for South Africans: they are definitely cheaper than Exclusive Books, where I used to buy most of my new books).

Yesterday morning, a notification slip was waiting for me in the postbox. In exchange, I received this:

A cardboard box marked “Fragile”. Ooooh, mysterious!

I removed the plastic strips holding the box together, and lifted the lid, slowly, lingeringly…

I removed the layer of bubble wrap to reveal the contents.

Oh! It’s the first three books of Kit Berry’s famous Stonewylde series!

I inched open the first book, and inhaled, deeply, that heady new-book-smell of fresh ink on paper, promising such delights!

Look! A teeny-tiny glimpse into the magical world of Stonewylde.

The title page of “Magus of Stonewylde”, the first book in a series of five; so far, only the first three books have been published.

There is only one proper way to read a book such as this: Take the phone off the hook, find a sun-warmed spot on the bed, where the rays of the sun filtered through the curtains are casting a hazy autumnal glow on the duvet; make yourself a plate of sandwiches with salad – followed by a cup of tea with a muffin or some cookies; and immerse yourself entirely in the imaginary world created by the words on the page, as they float through your mind, allowing a many-dimensional world of images and sensations to emerge, slowly, softly, tenderly…

If you are curious:

  • This is Kit Berry’s blog: Moongazy Girl
  • This is the website of the Stonewylde series: Stonewylde Series
  • This is the website of all the FANS of the series: Stonewylde Community
  • And if you want to hear Kit reading the first couple of chapters of Magus, follow this link – it’s a wonderful feeling to listen to her reading her own words out aloud.

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