We’re done! The list of books is completed

As I explained in a recent post, as part of the process of de-cluttering and autumn-cleaning our house, I am looking for new homes for MANY (close to 200) of my books.

Well, my assistants and I have been hard at work today, and we have compiled a list, which we’ve put here on a separate page. It combines the list in the other post with the new books.

My hard-working assistants are helping me to sort through the books.

2 thoughts on “We’re done! The list of books is completed

  1. Reggie : can I propose a VERY good home for any remaining unwanted but unsold books? Diabetes S A will be holding its annual Book Sale @ Cavendish, end of August (annual event) and – and even better – one of the drop-off points for contributions to our sale is right in Pinelands!
    Let me know ? Alison

    • Brilliant idea, Alison! Although I’ve sold some and have had inquiries for others, I have by no means sold all of them, which is a little disappointing. But I am going to stay positive!! I want ALL of the books on that list to go to a good new home. 🙂

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