Horses visit the Karoo Array Telescope

Last week, hubby and a few colleagues from work spent some time in the Karoo at the site, where the dishes of the Karoo Array Telescope (KAT) – a telescope that will be used for radio astronomy – are being constructed and set up (see the story of our group visit to the site in June last year).

The sun sets on the seven radio astronomy dishes that make up the KAT-7 project

Early on Friday morning, much to their surprise, they were met on-site by a herd of inquisitive horses. They appeared to be conducting an inspection of the dishes.

Inquisitive horses inspecting the dishes

There were seven horses in total.

From left to right: two chestnuts, two duns, a grey horse and a dark bay

And a blue roan was waiting for the gate to be opened

The grey horse and the dark bay were rearing up, play-fighting with each other, but stopped as soon as hubby approached with the camera. The little chestnut pony looked particularly cuddly and curious.

Curious chestnut pony

They clustered around the pedestals and in the shadow of the dishes mounted above.

Clustering around one of the pedestals

What made this visit by the horses even more amazing for me was the fact that I had been dreaming about horses for two nights in a row. As a result, when I received the pictures of the horses, it felt exactly as though the horses who had featured in my rather vivid and life-like dreams had leapt from the world of my imagination out into reality.

What a magical and synchronicitous experience!

What an extraordinary sight!

2 thoughts on “Horses visit the Karoo Array Telescope

    • I know – I just LOVE the fact that they were suddenly there, right out of my dreams. I so WISH I’d been there in person to see it. I also wonder what they think of the dishes. Perhaps they’re a little taken aback that the size of their grazing area and of their home range has been reduced?

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