Arachne has moved

When I got up this morning, I did a slow, careful tour of the house, checking ceilings and corners, making my way towards the lounge, where I’d seen Arachne hanging around last night.

Note to self: Don’t try to take scary pictures of large spiders with their dark shadows at night!

I inspected the bathroom…. the kitchen… the lounge… No sign of her. She wasn’t there anymore. Hm…

I checked the rest of the lounge. And that’s when I found her.

She had made her way across the length of the lounge (okay, it’s not a LOONG length), probably looking for the one corner where the light wasn’t shining on her (I’d left the lights on again last night).

Perhaps she was trying to avoid the light?

Look – up there in the corner:

Arachne is huddling in the corner

It struck me that there might be a good reason why she (or he? I’m not inclined to have a closer look!) has invaded our home like this.

All the weeding I’ve been doing must have disturbed her.

I remember hearing living things rustling and moving about in the chaos of dead and rotting leaves below the philodendron. Actually, we’re not sure whether it’s a philodendron or a Delicious Monster or something else entirely. We’re also not sure whether we want to keep it. It’s kind of pretty, it’s growing nicely, and it looks green and lush even in the heat of summer. And Tuffy-cat appreciates the shade from the top and the coolness of the soil beneath, when she needs a secret place to hide when it’s hot.

The philodendron is flourishing behind the potted lemon tree

It’s just that… well… there are things LIVING in there. I suppose that’s to be expected in a garden. But I’m referring to things with EIGHT LEGS. Things that occasionally climb through our windows, when we let fresh air into the house.

Things are living in there…

As you can see, the job of clearing the mess of weeds and dead leaves is not yet finished. Right now, I’m not even sure that I want to stick my hands in there, yellow plastic protective gloves or no! Who knows whether the rest of Arachne’s family is still in there… resentful of my intrusion… hungry… and missing their mommy?

Would you stick your hands in there? No? Me neither.


Where’s that Knight in Shining Armour bearing gardening implements, when you need him, hey?

4 thoughts on “Arachne has moved

  1. Dear little Arachne… I’ve never had an issue with spiders, outdoors or in. To be honest, I actually like them. When I was a teenager I used to include one in each and every drawing I’d make.

    Snakes are the only creatures that make me jump into the air (somewhat like that cat in the photo) when I find them while gardening. Using elbow-length gloves might make the task easier for you.

    • I actually think that Arachne is quite beautiful too, and I wouldn’t want to harm her or kill her. I just would prefer her to live outside the house. And, if she insists on staying inside, definitely not in the bedroom! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have been smiling thinking of your little Arachne (hmmm, I had read it as Arcane…interesting.) Sounds to me like you love her! ๐Ÿ™‚ Actually, Barry and I had a spider-bet in our shower at a rented house when we first got married. We named her Sarah. There was a Finnish sauna/shower in the basement and we both spotted Sarah but we didn’t tell each other for a long time. When we finally confessed to each other…we couldn’t kill her! She was part of the family… Sounds like your little Arachne is part of your extended family as well. LOL!

    • You and Barry are clearly a lot braver than we are – or at least, than I am. I definitely wouldn’t have killed Arachne either, but I wasn’t all that comfortable having her roaming around the house at night.

      Fortunately, hubby returned from the Karoo quite late last night, and we re-homed Arachne in a more suitable, natural environment… around the corner among some pine trees. ๐Ÿ™‚

      She’s also more likely to find some food there than in our house.

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