Arachne is still hanging around…

A globular body with eight twitching legs and as many eyes watched me eating my breakfast of muesli and fruit this morning.

I wonder whether she wants some of my muesli?

It was kind of freaky. I’m afraid I didn’t chew each bite quite as often as nutritionists recommend it.

After running some errands and a little bit of garden work, I came back inside to find her still in the same spot, but with three of her legs dangling down. I wonder whether she’s getting rather tired of hanging upside down from the ceiling like this?

Why are three of her legs dangling loose?

Is she just resting her legs?

Or is she getting ready for a hunt-spurt?



2 thoughts on “Arachne is still hanging around…

    • Thanks, Helen. It is!

      But as long as it doesn’t move, and as long as I can see where it is, I can stop myself panicking (and the hope that hubby can evict it tomorrow!). But if it disappears somewhere… Oy vey.

      Seriously, I need to organise a reliable Rain Spider Removal Squad.

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