The three of us watched the DVD of ‘Smart People’ tonight.

That’s me and Tuffy-Cat curled up on the sofa.

Tuffy balances on the back of the sofa

And Arachne here on the ceiling.

A spider clinging onto the ceiling

The movie was great, and supper was delicious. But as you can imagine, one of us was distinctly apprehensive, and kept casting a wary eye towards the eight-legged creature clinging to the ceiling upside-down.

Cr4p! I think it’s moved. Tuffy? Come on, wake up! Can you not chase that thing away? Please? I promise I’ll buy some fresh chicken from Woollies for you tomorrow morning!

Since we’ve moved into our house a couple of years ago, I have gotten used to lizards rustling around the garden, and geckos hanging from the ceiling in the bedroom and hiding underneath the spare toilet roll in the bathroom (be warned!). I leave them alone, because they hunt mosquitoes and other unwelcome pests.

I may be overcoming my revulsion towards slugs (eeeuuuwww!), and am still fighting the urge to give the occasional cockroach scuttling in from the garden a solid klap with a pair of shoes (it makes an icky mess).

I have even learnt to tolerate the pair of spiders that have been weaving a delicate cobweb between carport and washing line every single night for the past few months (see some of the posts below).

OK, I admit, I don’t particularly LIKE the fact that they appear to be growing inexorably larger, but as long as they pack away their hunting web every night, don’t interfere with the laundry drying on the washing line, and don’t launch themselves at us or any unsuspecting visitors, I am willing to leave them in peace.

But I most emphatically draw the line at rainspiders on steroids.

It looks seriously scary, hey?

Seriously, can they not stay in the frigging garden??!! They’ve got plenty of dark and creepy places to skulk about outside!

And why, oh why, does my Knight in Shining Armour have to be away this week?! AND next week?!


I fear it’ll be a restless night.

Tuffy and I have just had an emergency meeting in the office: We are planning to lock ourselves in the bedroom, to keep the bathroom doors closed (so IT can’t sneak in there and jump on us in the dark!), to leave the lights on in the rest of the house (Eskom had better not surprise us with a power failure!), and to keep the cellphone, a large broom and my pair of boots ready next to the bed.

Just in case.

But what am I gonna do if it’s GONE tomorrow morning?


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