Attack of the Tuffy Monster!

Life with Tuffy-Cat is very entertaining sometimes… especially when, after spending the entire day lazing about on the sofa, she is suddenly, inexplicably overcome by a burst of energy. This is what she looked like for pretty much the whole afternoon.

Her ‘cute and adorable’ pose

And this is what happened in the evening, after she had a plate or two of shredded chicken – Woollies’ chicken, please note (that is ‘luxury’ chicken, not just any old chicken!).

A determined leap: Death to Nano-Mouse!

Tugging furiously under the chair

A sharp-claw-paw reaches out from behind the curtain

Tuffy peers out to double-check that Nano is still ‘alive’

And the Tuffy-monster attacks!!!

A exhausted Nano-Mouse looks a little the worse for wear

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