Why are spiders so much larger and scarier at night?

Do you remember that I told you (here and here) about the two spiders that emerge every night to weave their sticky webs between the carport roof and the washing line?

Well, the one spider seems to be growing!

This is what it looked like a few nights ago. I confess that I almost jumped out of my skin.


OK, I know it’s just the perspective, but … jislaaik! (an Afrikaans expression of astonishment, shock, – or in this case, horror…).

This is what it looked like from below:


And from above:

I love this shot

(I’m sorry about the white thing in the foreground: it’s the washing line, but I just couldn’t get it out of the shot without dislocating something.)


Posting these pictures just before bedtime was definitely not a good idea.

6 thoughts on “Why are spiders so much larger and scarier at night?

    • They actually aren’t as big as they look in the photo. Their body is about as big as a thumbnail, or a little bigger. I don’t know what they are, so I don’t know whether they are poisonous.

  1. AAAAAAHHHHHHH …….. prolonged scream from an arachnophobe. Two years ago I went to the cinema to watch what I thought was going to be a nice, soothing childrens’ movie “Charlotte’s Web” : BIG MISTAKE.
    I forced myself to remain in the cinema, but spent two-thirds of the movie with hands over eyes blocking scenes (close-up and AWFUL) of Charlotte the SPIDER. Somehow, this was a book which my children never owned, or else it was published long after they were adults. Silly me – I sho9uld read the movie reviews.

    • Giggle… There, there, Alison. It’s okay. Charlotte was a LOVING spider. An intelligent and CARING spider. A WISE spider. She HELPED Wilbur not to be turned into bacon. 🙂

      The book was first published in 1952, although I don’t recall seeing it either when I was growing up. I read almost all the books in the local children’s library, but I never saw that one, so maybe it wasn’t available in South Africa then? Alternatively, I suspect that you may have intuitively not ‘seen’ it in the bookstore or the library, because you are afraid of spiders?

  2. did you ver find out what kind they were and if they were dangerous, I have a female like it with 2 fat egg sacs and she has made her awning nightly andbeen around for at least 3 months now, Just worried as I am having a kiddies party and I don’t want casualties.

    • Hi Sharon – no, I actually never found out what kind of spider they were. Our ones remain in hiding underneath the carport roof throughout the day, and make their webs every night – but by morning, the webs are usually all gone again. So depending on where they are around your house or garden, I’d say just leave them where they are. But if they are anywhere in reach of children, you probably should (re)move them. Holding thumbs for the party!

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