Scary insect!

I just found this insect lying on the window sill in the bathroom. I have no idea how it got in, because the windows were firmly closed.

Seriously scary insect

Initially I thought it looked rather pretty with its antenna all curled up like that, and the wings spread out. But: I am rather freaked out by the fact that it appears to have a loooong sting!


Is that a sting?!

Is this a kind of wasp?


The wings are really pretty though!

Apologies to any insectophiles who may be reading this, but I am relieved that this particular specimen appears to be dead. Of course, if it’s NOT on the window sill tomorrow morning, I’m going to freak out.

5 thoughts on “Scary insect!

  1. Hi Regg, it appears to be species of water bugs that is not a stinger but rather a tounge usually, hollow that the oraganism can drink fruits or in rather rare incidents, depending upon the species blood. Most likely a water or butterfly type species they usually are found in homes when they fly in get near a light and hide in the dark then die on a post anyway this was a nify shot of the critter I suspect quite harmless as the longer the tongue in general the safer the critter as the venom is usually found in fangs not a tongue. HAVAE a wonderful day and I will look up the critter in my big book of bugs and Dana has been reading up on beetles lately it will be a grand challenge!

    Love, Entomologically, Dana, Daniel and BOBZ

  2. I love your “scary” insect, Reggie. I would have been there too with my camera, attempting to capture it. But because mine doesn’t seem to have a macro macro mode…it may have been more challenging!

  3. It is harmless. It is a type of wasp, an ichneumon (pronounced ik-newman) and its “sting” is an ovipositor (egg-laying tube) used to drill into wood to lay eggs where wood-dwelling larvae are found. Ignore Dana, Daniel and BOBZ! Look up Ichneumon on the web & you will see that there are many species of them in various sizes & colors & none harm people.

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