Day 3, Dose 2

Thank the heavens, the cat-ambush went off smoothly this afternoon.

Tuffkins was conveniently curled up on the office chair (I’m sure she’s regretting that now), looking utterly adorable.

Her cuteness pose

We walked in with towel and medication in hand, she sat up with a look of dread writ large on her face, our rescue angel wrapped the towel around her, we prised open her mouth and – ‘squirt’!

She fled into the garden, spitting and gagging.

This is where I found her some time later, stretched out on the sun-warmed paving stones. After initial moments of apprehension, she relaxed and allowed me to apologise to her most profusely for this mal-treatment, by giving her lengthy, purr-inducing tummy rubs.

Tuffy on the sun-warmed paving stones

Off the hook until tomorrow.


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