Bees among the basil

This afternoon, the hot summer breeze was flinging the nose-tickling scent of the flowering basil into the air with cheerful abandon.

The basil is in flower

It is THE herb in my little herb-garden that grows the best and the most prolifically, and that has proved the easiest to propagate by means of cuttings – I literally just stick in them in the ground, water them, and watch them grow. I love that! The lemon thyme, sadly, is a quite different story… suffice it to say that I have been a regular visitor to the local nurseries.

I had some fun with the super-macro-mode on the camera.

Basil blossoms

Mmmmm…. sniff!

Ain’t they pretty?

I also learnt that, even if you like the fragrance of flowering basil, you should not stick your nose into it. A couple of hardworking bees were buzzing about, collecting pollen.

A bee among the blossoms

Although I don’t want any close encounters with bees, I do love seeing them in my garden, particularly because there has been a noticeable decline in their numbers. Have you noticed that honey has become terribly expensive? I’m sure there’s a connection somewhere.

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