Day 2, Dose 2

After a seriously unproductive day on the work front because I felt so emotional and guilt-riddled after this morning’s ambush on my sleeping cat, I was not looking forward to a repeat performance this afternoon.

This morning, after Tuffy had sprinted out of the house, it had taken me some veeeery long minutes to calm her down sufficiently to allow me near her. In her eyes, the world had suddenly become a terrifying place, in which those who loved her most had transmuted into a towel-and-medication-wielding enemy!

She quenched her thirst from the fish pond, probably trying to rinse out the vile taste of her medication.

Tuffy drinking from the fish pond

And then she sought refuge on the bed, where she curled up in a tight ball, her paw over her eyes and nose, shutting out the cruel world. Evidently, the office chair now has too many bad memories.

Our little furball

Obviously, she received a lot of cuddles and much loving throughout the day. I gave her Reiki and did some T-Touch that I remember from a course a few years ago, all of which she lapped up like a thirsty kitten brought in from the desert.

Oh, and I even got some Woolworths chicken for her. A little leg-portion. Because the Hills’ pellets are a little too crunchy for her at the moment, given her sore teeth and gums. I’m pleased to report that she purred most appreciatively. So I’ve reassured her that the rest of the chicken is JUST FOR HER, and that I’ll have left-overs tonight.

Tuffy’s other mommy arrived this afternoon, to help me administer the second dose. We captured her on the bed this time, thus turning this into yet another place with bad memories… At this rate, we’re going to run out of (her previously favourite) indoor sleeping places by the end of tomorrow!

As soon as her paws were released from the towel, she was out of there like a shot. I eventually tracked her down in the far corner of the back garden. She was glaring at my balefully. I approached gingerly, holding out my EMPTY hands to signal that I wasn’t hiding anything up my sleeve.

After much loving, my cat looks happier again

Eventually, to my relief, she allowed me near enough to touch her. We settled down by the side of the pool, where I gave her more Reiki and T-Touch, and plenty of cuddling and stroking. Both of us were feeling muuuuch better afterwards.

This is such an emotional rollercoaster.

I wish I knew someone who could communicate telepathically with my cat and tell her that we mean her no harm, that we just have to make sure that she doesn’t get an infection, and that it’s only for a few more days.

Hang in there, Tuffkins!

27 thoughts on “Day 2, Dose 2

  1. Hi again. My heart goes out to you and poor little Tuffy – I *totally* understand how emotional and difficult this is for you. Glad the towel technique is helping a *little*. May I suggest you think about trying pills again instead of the liquid meds… I know pills can be tricky to get down but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s maybe less traumatic for the cat than a mouthful of foul-tasting medicine? (Just a thought).
    As for your nerves and Tuffy’s: as I mentioned in the other comment, good old Rescue Remedy… works wonders! I’ve also used valerian root – got it in tincture form from a holistic vet. Its a herbal remedy which cats like, with a calming effect. Helped me no end when my Tom was recovering from being hit by a car: six weeks of confinement indoors, in pain, with bandages and a cone, and a three-week course of meds – we both nearly lost the plot! We got through it, and so will you!!! Hope tomorrow is easier.

    • Hi Helen – I’ll see whether the chemist down the road has some rescue remedy – for me, as I don’t know if the human version be given to cats? Or can it be given in very, very diluted form? Doesn’t it contain some alcohol? My vet is not a holistic vet, unfortunately, and I doubt he stocks Valerian root. I’ll see what I can find out though.

      I’m so sorry to hear that Tom was hit by a car – that is awful! You must both be so relieved that he has survived and recovered!

    • My vet says that animals can have the same rescue remedy that us humans have, but in diluted form. A few drops in their drinking water. The taste or the alcohol doesn’t seem to bother them. But check with your vet if you’re not sure about giving it to Tuffy 🙂

      Yes, the being-run-over was very traumatic, although Tom was really lucky (it ould have been so much worse). And he made a full recovery and is a very well and happy cat these days!

      • Fully recovered, and maybe even improved! One of his injuries was concussion and ever since then he has had a bit of a personality change – for the better! He hasn’t been in a fight since the accident (nearly eighteen months). Before that he was a holy terror, in fights every few weeks (usually on the losing side) and so full of attitude! Now he has mellowed out, and is such a silly playful little guy. Well, actually not that little… he is *enormous* despite my attempts to trim him down. Love him to bits!
        There are pics of him and my other sweet kittie on my other site (not the walking one):
        (look at the “Cats” category)

  2. I had the exact same problem a few months ago. My cat, Merlin, looked at me with such venom afterwards and continued to run away from me for ages. ..and all because she had a bladder infection and I was trying to make her better. I kept wishing I had been a cat whisperer!

    She’ll forgive you – and if Tuffy is anything like Merlin – the chicken will work wonders and make you friends again 😉

    • Thank you so much, Houdini. Tuffy is looking a little better this morning, and chowed down a whole (very small) plate of chicken-bits (I tear it into tiny pieces for her, as she can’t chew so well right now). So I think she’s forgiven me… for now… at 9h30, my rescue angel from next door is coming to assist with the towel again.

  3. Houdini is right, she’ll soon forget about it once all the medicine has gone. We had to give anti-inflammatory tablets to our duck Daisy for a while as she’d hurt her leg. That was near impossible too and it took two of us to do it. She got wise after a couple of days and would run off as soon as we came outside. Then once we’d given her the tablet, she’d tuck it in the side of her beak, and quietly spit it out when we weren’t looking!! In the end we had to push it right back her throat, very traumatic for all of us, but very necessary. Thankfully she made a full recovery, and the vet has given us some drops to keep handy in case it happens again, much easier to administer!

    Oh, and with regards to Ernest…he said he’d love the chance to come and visit you so please can we put your name in the hat? He doesn’t have to be home until Christmas so there’s plenty of time for him to travel the world…

    • Hi Abby – oh dear, I can imagine how HARD it must have been for you to dose your duck! She sounds like an extremely INTELLIGENT duck, to have come up with the devious solution of spitting it out when you weren’t looking!

      And Oooh, yes! Please put my name in the hat! We’ll show him a grand time down here at the southern tip of Africa! I’m sure he’d love to go up Table Mountain, and to visit Kirstenbosch Gardens, and to see the famous penguins at Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town, and to take the funicular to Cape Point (which *isn’t* the southernmost point of Africa after all), and perhaps we can even take him to Stellenbosch for a decadent wine tasting, although he might be under age, so we may have to give him sparkling apple juice instead. And there’s the World of Birds in Hout Bay, where there aren’t JUST birds, but monkeys too, and then there’s Butterfly World in Klapmuts, where you can see butterflies emerging from their cocoons! And of course, if he’s feeling a bit homesick, there’s hens and roosters and baby chickens and lots of horses and a pig at the Oude Molen Farm Stall, so he’ll fit right in there.

  4. Reggie, I can’t get over the care and attention you give this cat! My equally attentive sister also has a calico cat with a tremendous personality. It even rings the doorbell to come into the house. I wonder what comes first: the love and attention provided by the human or the extraordinary personality in the cat 🙂

    • There’s definitely something special about calico cats! Ours has THE longest and loudest miaow you ever heard, and wails at us at every opportunity. Sometimes its because she’s hungry or thirsty, sometimes because the cat flap is stuck, sometimes because its raining outside and she is really annoyed about it! But sometimes she will just wail to announce her arrival in the room, and then wails some more because we obviously haven’t reacted in the way we were supposed to!

      • Hahahaha!! Giggle, she sounds like a real character! What is her name? Tuffy also went through a phase of announcing her arrival in the room, but hasn’t done it for a while. She has different-sounding miaows, depending on the circumstances:

        Chirpy: “Chirrup.” “Hey guys, I’m here.”
        Playful: “Miiiiuw?” “I feel like playing. Entertain me.”
        Irritable: “Mreeeow!” “Hey!! Stop ignoring me!”
        Plaintive: “Iaow?” “There’s no food in my bowl. Could you kindly remedy the situation?”
        Appreciative: “Rrrrreowwww.” “Now THAT was nice chicken. Thank you.”
        Lip-smacking, teeth-cleaning sound: “Chhhheow.” “Yummm.”

        And a whole range of emotions inbetween.

        Er… um… are we just anthropomorphising?

      • Ha ha, those all sound familiar 😉
        Cats are endlessly fascinating (well, to those of us who love them, anyway). I read somewhere that adult cats don’t meow to each other – they growl and make their other noises, but not meowing. This is something they only do to communicate with their human care-givers, a sort of second-language. Interesting isn’t it!

      • No, we’re not at all! Although, your cat has a much more varied dialogue than ours “Rainbow”…she just says:


      • ROFL!!! 😀 😀 😀

        Have you tried miaowing back to her in acknowledgement? I do that, and we often end up having a back-and-forth conversation. Here is an example (I promise that this is true):

        Tuffy (cheerfully, entering room): “Brrrrip.” “Hey guys, I’m here.”
        Me (distractedly): “Brrrrrrp.” “I know, I see you.”
        Tuffy (teasingly): “Miiiiuw?” “I want to play. Entertain me.”
        Me (sharply): “Meau!” “I don’t have time right now. I’m busy [writing my blog].”
        Tuffy (irritable): “Mreeeeeow!!” “Stop ignoring me!”
        Me (apologetic): “Maauuw.” “Sorry, Tuffkins. Gimme a moment to click on ‘Publish.'”
        Pause. Much clicking and clacking of keyboard.
        Tuffy (questioningly): “Miiuw?” “Look, my food bowl is empty. And so is my stomach.”
        Me (soothingly): “Mrrraaauw.” “In a minute, sweety.”
        Tuffy (petulantly, accompanied by accusing-sulky glare): “Mreeeow!” “Hey!! Stop ignoring me! Get a move on! I’m STARVING!”
        I get up, walk behind her to the kitchen (she trots ahead, glancing back to make sure I’m following), clean her bowl, fill it with fresh food.
        Tuffy (appreciatively): “Rrrrreowwww.” “Now THAT was nice chicken. Thank you.”
        Me (gratefully): “Rrrrrrwwwmmmm.” “You’re very welcome. Glad to be your servant.”
        Tuffy (lip-smacking, teeth-cleaning sound): “Chhhheow.” “Yummm. This sure is a good restaurant.”

      • Ours goes more like this:

        Rainbow: Miaowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (I’m starving no-one has fed me for days)

        Me: Oh, are you hungry? Has no-one fed you for 5 minutes?

        Rainbow: Miaowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (Feed me NOW before I pass out)

        Me: Oh hush. Here you are, here’s some lovely food.

        Rainbow: Miaowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (FEEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEEEE)

        Me: It’s in the bloody bowl….LOOK!

        Rainbow: *sniffs at bowl and walks off* (Nah, not hungry now)

    • Cats are SUCH characters, aren’t they? I’m always surprised at how DIFFERENT cats are from each other. We have a lot of cats living in our neighbourhood, and I always try to make friends with them when I’m going for a walk. Some ignore me, some scuttle away, some peer at me from bushes with an alarmed look, and some stride right up to me and say hello. Before Tuffy moved in with us, I’d never realised just how different cats can be, not just in body shape and movement, but also in terms of their personalities. It’s SO entertaining!

  5. Oh, and with regards to the Rescue Remedy…you can get it for animals online I think, but we’ve used the normal one before with no ill effects. When we had our little lamb Annie and she was quite poorly, I used to put a few drops of it in her bottle of milk. I don’t know how much good it did, as she was taking anti-inflammatories too, but she certainly proved the vet wrong by recovering completely, so I wouldn’t hesitate in using it again.

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