Day 2, Dose 1

Tuffy’s other mommy very kindly came over this morning to teach me the towel method of swaddling the cat so that her claws cannot do any damage. Well, that part at least worked well. It helped that Tuffkins was faaaast asleep, curled up adorably on the chair next to me.

(As I have now ambushed her TWICE in the office, I fear that it may not be so easy next time. She’s probably not going to fall asleep again in my presence for a while!)

But I found it really difficult to open her mouth to get the dose in. In the end, she got about 2/3rds of what she was supposed to get. But we were just relieved that some went in, that we don’t care about the details!

We (Tuffy and I) are developing a passionate dislike of veterinary medications. Especially of those that have to be administered orally. Seriously, does medication have to TASTE like medication? Can’t it come in the form of a treat?!

Once Tuffy-cat had wriggled free of the towel, she sprinted down the passage, hissing and spitting and gagging, because the stuff obviously tasted vile.

Our poor munchkin.

I think it’ll take a while for her to forgive me for these cruel invasions of her nap-time.

Right now, I feel like an awful cat mother.

And I dread this afternoon’s dose.

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