A Spider in the Kitchen

Early in the morning, when you stumble into the kitchen with eyes still sleep-heavy and your mind not quite at its sharpest, and you start preparing your normal breakfast on autopilot, one of the things you probably least expect – or want – to see in your kitchen sink is a creature with a bulbous body and eight long, slightly furry legs.

I had just put the water jug in said sink with one hand, and was absent-mindedly reaching for the tap with the other, when I glimpsed a movement, alarmingly close to my hand.

Once I’d peeled myself off the ceiling and my heart had stopped racing, I peered over the edge of the sink.

It looked disturbingly like Bertha, the spider whom we evicted from our house in August last year.

Since then, we’ve evicted a few more of these specimen from our home, and I admit that it has become easier. Marginally easier. For hubby, not for me. I am still incapable of putting a box over them and capturing them in this manner (honestly, I think I’d faint) – but that is one of the reasons why one has a man in the house, after all! πŸ˜€

When I notified hubby of The Presence Of A Large Spider With Long Furry Legs in the kitchen sink, he ambled over calmly to check things out himself. I handed him a round tupperware dish, and left him to it, while I went on to prepare breakfast.

Nerves of steel, I tell you. Nerves of steel.

After a bit of effort, and some moments of mild panic, hubby persuaded It to move out of the corner towards the middle of the sink, so that he could place the bowl neatly ontop of it without hurting it.

“Right, let’s have breakfast,” he announced cheerfully.


A veritable picture of serenity.

So, amazingly, we had breakfast.

And then we found ourselves a piece of cardboard, which he slid carefully underneath the bowl, thus trapping the creature in the dish. Unfortunately, it was only then that I had sufficiently composed myself to take a photo.

And realised that it is not possible to take sharply focused photos through a milky plastic dish.

Which is why all I can now show you are the following blurry images of Mr Spider.

Mr Spider has been trapped

Sorry about that.

Zooming in a bit – scary, huh?

But if you want to know what it looked like, have a look at this post.

What followed was a long walk down the road and around the corner, until we found a large palm tree that would certainly be a better home for Mr Spider than our kitchen sink.

I do love nature, but I prefer it to remain outside. πŸ™‚

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