So, who’s this inquisitive feline?

This afternoon, I heard a rustling in the carpet of dry leaves under the trees in the front garden, so I got up to investigate.

And look what I saw, balancing cautiously on the narrow fibrecrete wall to the neighbours’ garden!

An unfamiliar kitty-cat on the wall

Very surreptitiously, and as quietly as I could, I slid the blinds out of the way and ducked the camera behind the lace curtain, so I could get a better shot of her. She was peering nervously into the neighbours’ garden, which is the territory of another cat, a big ginger one.

Peering into the neighbours’ garden

All clear. Tomsy must have been off napping somewhere else.

Or not, perhaps?

“I wonder, is it safe?”

After pausing and surveying her surroundings apprehensively – maybe she had heard the sound of the camera? – she continued on and climbed onto the little ledge marking the start of the higher wall in the back garden.

A three-quarter cat?!

She made it onto the top of the pillar against which the gate is mounted, and peered curiously into our back garden. She must have smelt that this was Our Tuffy’s Domain. Her nose crinkled, her whiskers twitched, and her ears went straight up. The fur on her neck was bristling.

Peering into my garden

Unlike her, though, I knew that Tuffy was at that moment sleeping, curled up tightly in her basket, and that there would be no cat fight today. Not that our fluff-ball would engage in such unladylike behaviour anyway!

A very alert cat

I clicked my tongue very softly, hoping to catch her attention – without frightening her to death – because I wanted to get a good photo of her face.

It took her a moment to determine the source of the clicking.

Our eyes locked

She posed beautifully.

Is she trying to hypnotise me?

Isn’t she gorgeous? What a cute face!

We stared at each other for a loooong minute, while I clicked the shutter again and again, trying to focus the camera through the slightly dirty and rain spattered glass. (Note to self: The windows need cleaning again!)

Finally, though, she had enough of my paparazzi behaviour. She hopped back onto the fibrecrete wall and gave me a defiant glare, before leaping down into the flowerbeds and stalking off amidst a rustle of dry leaves.

A final defiant glare

She is such a pretty kitty, I would love to make friends with her. But I also don’t want to encourage her to visit our garden more frequently, because that would upset Tomsy and Tuffy-Cat, who are, after all, the permanent and elderly residents.

Hmmm, what a quandary…..

I wonder where she lives? Maybe I could visit her there?! 😀

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