Kitty humour II

I’ve been totally snowed under with work since the weekend, so I haven’t had time to post. But I thought a bit of kitty humour, courtesy of Lolcats, would be nice to get us over the midweek hump.

I’m not the only one “snowed under”:


What is it with bubble-wrap that compels one to pop the bubbles?!


Our much-loved cat fortunately doesn’t SIT on the keyboard (but perhaps that’s only because it’s one of those slanted, ergonomic keyboards that are great for the hands, but not exactly comfy for a cat-butt), but she does enjoy walking back and forth in front of the screen, waving her tail in our faces and purring loudly…


Hm, I wonder if waffles are good for cats?


Tuffy-Cat also loves exploring suitcases. One of these days, she’s going to end up at the KAT-7 site in the middle of the Karoo! Now THAT would be funny!






Why do cats do that butt-wriggle thing, huh? Don’t they realise that it gives them away?


And finally, please join me in saying, “Ach Moeder,….”


6 thoughts on “Kitty humour II

    • I agree, Slamdunk! Of course, they don’t necessarily LIKE you laughing at them… 🙂

      But you gotta love them… says I, reaching down to stroke my contentedly purring cat, who has discovered that the heater standing next to the desk in my office is ON!

    • I haven’t had any time to write any posts or read any other blogs since last week, so I feel quite bereft! As soon as I have some time, I’ll pop over to your blog and Amy’s to do some serious catching up! I’m sure there’s plenty to read!

  1. Loved the pics!
    Have just emerged from my 3 weeks of NANO daze – am proud to report I hit the 50 000 word mark today – am not quite sure what to do next, after writing feverishly for 3 weeks …. but Chocolat caught ANOTHER mouse this morning, so life goes on …. its the aftermath I hate, having to clear up a pile of bloody mouse entrails on the doormat – yuck!

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