Happy anticipation

I am looking forward with happy anticipation to an evening at the theatre next week Tuesday. My oldest friend from school days and I are going to see a performance of I Am My Own Wife at the Baxter Studio. It was so popular during its run in July and August, that it has come back for two weeks. And that run has now been extended for a third week, with the final performance on 14 November.

“But,” I can hear you cry, “Haven’t you seen it already?”

“Er… yes… indeed, I have,” I confess, feeling a tad sheepish.

“TWICE, if we’re not mistaken?!”

“Ummm… ye-e-es. …. But it’s such an awesome play, and it’s set in Berlin during the 20th century, and my friend lived and worked in that city for many years, and I just know that she’ll love it!”


“Oh, okay, in that case…”


Anyhooooo, so that’s where I’ll be next Tuesday, glued to my seat, watching my favourite South African stage actor’s riveting performance of a very unusual play.

4 thoughts on “Happy anticipation

  1. Hey Kathy

    It was FABULOUS!

    My friend and I had a delicious dinner before the show, talking and catching up on all the things that had happened in our lives in recent years.

    We had front row seats, in a small, cosy theatre that – surprisingly – wasn’t sold out (I think most of last week’s performances had been sold out). Honestly, we were blown away by the power of the performance. Even though I knew the story already, it kept surprising me and sweeping me away with its emotional impact. It’s extraordinary what emotions it arouses in one!

    It granted us insight into the life of a very special and unusual individual, who survived despite the devastating effects of war and the impossible demands and restrictions imposed by political tyranny (first the Third Reich and then Communist rule) on ordinary people – and even more so on those extra-ordinary individuals who don’t fit in with society’s expectations and demands.

    It left us with a warm, glowing feeling of affection, tinged with melancholy and a sense of loss.


    A happy sigh…

  2. Oh how wonderful that you enjoyed yourselves so much. Don’t you love evenings like this? And I too so admire the extra-ordinary individual who follows his or her own heart, even against the pressure of society’s expectations. They give us inspiration and resolve to listen to our own deepest souls. Thanks, Reggie.

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