7 thoughts on “Cartoon: Bees

  1. I was in such a quandary about whether I should post this cartoon or not.

    I mean, the poor bees are dying out across the world!

    And colony collapse disorder is becoming more and more widespread (see US Department of Agriculture and Wikipedia).

    And all this has devastating consequences not only for honey production but pollination and food production and life on earth!

    So I always feel a surge of affection and happiness when I see bees in our garden – even though I’m allergic to their stings and so have never used to LIKE the little critters. But now that I know how hard life is for them, I really appreciate them.

  2. The global bee situation is bad news for people like me who absolutely don’t think they could live without honey. I was stung by a bee/wasp (not sure what it was) for the first time last summer. Was it ever painful! Please be careful around them if you’re allergic.

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