WordPress Rocks

Yesterday morning, I received a most surprising email from the WordPress Team, advising me that my post about the full moon picnic at the Taal Monument outside Paarl had been promoted to the homepage of WordPress.com.

Initially, I thought this had to be a mistake.

But then my stats curve began to shoot up.

And then I remembered that my friend Kathy over at her blog had received a similar email from the WordPress Team at the end of September (see The Blog has had a Big Day Today).

So, as you may well imagine, there was considerable excitement in my household last night! A close eye was kept on the stats page, and every click of the refresh button brought out an excited yelp, “Oooh! 200 views!”

“Oooooh! 350 views!!!”

“Oh my gosh!!! Look at that!! 5-hundred-and-40-nine!!!!”

It was a somewhat restless night. Although the computer was off, I must have been aware on a subconscious level that my blog was receiving new visitors, because it filtered into my dreams. Strange stuff happened…

The excitement continued this morning, but because hubby is now at work, I am restricted to sharing my delight with my still-very-sleepy cat.

“Tuffy!! Look!!! We’ve had over 2-hundred visitors already this morning!”

“Oooh! It’s up to 300! Oh my!!!”

“Hey, Tuffy! Wake up! You gotta see this! There’s 362 page views now!”

But, as you can see, our little pumpkin-fritter is taking all this hullaballoo in her stride. Purrrrrr….

A very sleepy cat

A very sleepy cat

But the photo below expresses how I feel about WordPress right now:


6 thoughts on “WordPress Rocks

  1. I am laughing, reading your blog. You can’t really put in words how exciting it is to see that graph going up-up-up and those hits coming in fast & furious. (I warn you, it may be a bit of a let-down sometime next week…)

    What happened to me is that the hits did continue to go up, but there are days when it goes back to the old level. But enough people seemingly have come back to read that it was nice.

    I actually had it happen twice. (See now that they know you, it might happen again.) The second time actually got more hits, but I didn’t feel as ecstatic as the first time. The second time I just thought, “OK, it doesn’t matter as much about the hits…what matters is if people stay around and it’s not just a one-day thing.”

    Am now just as excited about flandrumhill’s day of fame. How cool is this? Still grinning ear to ear…

    • Oooooh!!! I didn’t even see that!!!!

      I’m off to congratulate Amy!!!!


      – Oh, and yes, I agree, I also prefer to have lots of regulars, and I really like hearing from them and who they are… and I like reading their blogs too. It’s like developing friends all over the world who are interested in similar things. 🙂

  2. Love the off-the-cuff sign …. very creative! Congrats Reggie, on being featured on WordPress. You deserve it – your blog is terrific – I check it at least once a week and am never disappointed!

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