Washing the car

Tuffy-Cat helped me to wash the car on Monday.

It was an exhausting and arm-aching labour of love to soap off all the fine red dust we’d collected on our weekend trip to the Cederberg.

It was while I was applying a protective layer of wax, remembering Mr Miyagi’s stern instructions to Daniel-San, “Wax on, wax off”, that I saw that Tuffy had snuck onto the back seat.

Tuffy-Cat on the back seat

Tuffy-Cat on the back seat

I’d always been sure that she associates our car with the fear of being transported in a cage to the cruel, needle-wielding v-e-t and with feeling nauseous from the worm tablets that she always gets there.

So this was THE FIRST TIME EVER that kitty-kins actually got into the car voluntarily. Amazingly, she even felt safe enough to fall asleep!

Tuffy's yoga pose - the forward bend

Tuffy’s yoga pose – the forward bend

I’d planned to vacuum-clean the car and to Windowlene all the windows inside-and-out before hubby returned home from work, but she looked so adorable that I couldn’t bring myself to disturb her.

I also didn’t want to create a new and similarly unpleasant association of her new sleeping place with the harsh smell of Windowlene or the roar of the vacuum-cleaner.

Tightly curled up, shutting out the world

Tightly curled up, shutting out the world

Quite apart from that, my arms were feeling as though they would fall off, so it seemed a good idea to postpone those tasks anyway!

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