11 thoughts on “Golden sunlight captured in a flower

    • It took me about 30 shots, where I just held the camera underneath the flowers, to get just a handful that looked good. I also like the last one best. It really captured the sunshine-yellow glow of the flower.

  1. Fantastic images!

    I am jealous as the cold North winds have been blowing snow here all week, and it will be months before we see color again. It is a good thing that I can look at wonderful blogs from around the world to fill some of the void.

  2. Such a nice flower in a beautiful color. Yellow is so difficult to catch for my camera, especially this warm yellow tone. The last photo is very interesting, with the shadows making more tones.
    Thank you for telling me about the name of this flower.

    • Hello Birgitte – the reason I’m pretty sure this is the kind of flower you photographed too, is because I have previously taken some pics of the inside of these flowers here, and it looks just like it. I just didn’t know if these grow anywhere else.

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