I was trying to do the ‘Salutes to the Sun’ yoga sequence in the back garden before lunchtime today, when Tuffy suddenly emerged from her hiding place in the bushes to keep me company.

Under the guise of helping me with my stretches, the clever kitty also managed to take over the beach towel that I’d spread out on the grass. I prefer to do yoga on a towel, instead of directly on the grass, because lying down on the grass (especially face-first) makes me itch and sneeze.

Unfortunately, the little Tuffster felt that I must have placed the towel there for her benefit, and I just didn’t have the heart to reclaim it.

Especially not when she showed me HER version of the Salute to the Sun.

It goes like this:

Stretch to the right

Stretch to the right

Stretch to the left

Stretch to the left

Rub the ears back and forth

Rub the ears back and forth

Curl up into a tight ball

Curl up into a tight ball

And then you stretch it aaaaaall out!

And then you stretch it aaaaaall out!

The sight of so much evident sun-adoration has left me feeling quite exhausted. There are few things more soporific and lethargy-inducing than seeing a cat yawning and stretching and sighing and purring in the warm sun.

I need a strong cuppa tea … and perhaps a cappuccino muffin or something.

4 thoughts on “Tuffy-Yoga

    • Tigger sounds like a VERY clever cat. But how does she reach the doorbell? Is there a potplant or something near it?

      I’m relieved Tuffy doesn’t ring the doorbell – if she did, I’d jump out of my skin! Because it would mean that she somehow got locked in the narrow space between the door and the burglar gate!

    • The salute to the sun is actually the ONLY yoga I manage to do. I went to yoga classes a couple of months ago, but found the classes just too hard. A long-term sedentary life in front of a PC tends to tighten up a LOT of muscles, so a ‘simple’ thing like ‘reaching forward to touch your toes’ becomes simply impossible. But I find that doing the salute to the sun routine is just about do-able, although I do have to adjust it quite a bit. And it’s very invigorating.

      Tuffy particularly likes the bits where my head hangs down – she often reaches up to rub her head against mine! It’s so cute. 🙂 And as soon as I’m ‘off’ the towel, like in ‘downward dog’, she plonks herself in the middle of the towel, right underneath me, so I have to shuffle over onto the grass to complete the sequence. It’s very entertaining. 🙂

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