Is the world your ashtray?

Brace yourselves for a rant.

I have lost count of the number of smokers I’ve seen on our roads, who toss their burning cigarette butts out of the window. They seem to have absolutely no sense of what is appropriate behaviour and what isn’t.

I get particularly cross at them when they do it during a heat wave, when the grass on the side of the road is tinder dry, and just waiting for a spark to start a veldfire.

When I see it happening in front of me, and when I’m fast enough, I HOOT! And flash my lights to signal that I’ve MOST EMPHATICALLY SEEN what they’ve just done, and that it’s WRONG!

Like this arsehole (apologies, but he fully deserves the appellation) who was driving in front of us down Alexandra Avenue past the Vincent Pallotti hospital and on the way to Oude Molen Eco-Village.

Sies on you!

Sies on you!

I had my eye on him for a few moments already, because I could see that telltale trail of smoke lazily winding out through the window on the driver’s side.

And then, while I was watching, he leisurely reached his right hand out the window, and flicked the burning cigarette butt into the street.

I WISH I had been fast enough with my camera. It took me a moment to lift, aim and shoot.

Also, as Richard was driving, and I know he doesn’t like me to reach across and hoot at morons on his behalf, I didn’t even get to hoot or flash the lights. But I DID point my finger, wishing fervently that it was a WAND, and that I could send a little zap of unwelcome electricity into his brain!

Thank goodness, we’ve had a lot of rain lately, so there’s little risk of fire.



2 thoughts on “Is the world your ashtray?

  1. Reggie, this burns me up to no end too! Is it too much for people to just use the ashtrays in their vehicles?

    Here in Canada we have a very popular coffee and donut chain called Tim Hortons. You wouldn’t believe how many people toss out their empty coffee cups while driving, especially in the countryside. Do they think wildlife are going to re-use them to drink their herbal teas?!?

    • Hi Amy,

      I know! I mean, that’s what ashtrays in cars are for! But, during a radio phone-in once, they had smokers phoning in to say that they hated the inside of their cars smelling of stale smoke, so that’s why they refused to use the ashtrays.

      I was speechless.

      I mean, HELL–O-O-O-O! If ya don’t want your car to stink, then don’t smoke while driving, nitwit!

      Good grief, I thought Canada was a bit more civilised and first world than SA. But I guess selfish gits can be found everywhere. Perhaps if one were to collect all the tossed out coffee cups and dump them back on the steps of that chainstore, day in, day out, with lots of publicity and media tra-ra and youtube videos and blogposts complaining about it, they might be persuaded to do something about it? Like educating their customers? Or PAYING to clean up the crap their customers toss into the environment?

      Hm… perhaps that’s a bit tooooo much of a challenge, hey? But one can dream!

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