Movie review: “Doomsday”


What a waste of resources – shooting this drivel.

What a waste of (a handful of) otherwise good actors.

And what a waste of time – watching this sh*te.

If you have a sensitive stomach, avoid this one. *Especially* if you’re having supper on the sofa while you’re watching it.

However, if you like watching:

  • heads chopped off
  • limbs chopped off
  • evisceration
  • frying people to a crisp
  • gallons of spurting blood
  • cannibalism
  • widespread slaughter
  • earsplitting cries of anguish, pain and rage
  • and assorted, particularly gruesome ways of killing people…

All to the accompaniment of thumping, pounding music that is designed to make your heart rate speed up, then this movie’s for you.

I don’t.

And it most definitely isn’t.

It’s left me feeling very queasy and rather shaky. Excuse me while I go off to cuddle my cat.

4 thoughts on “Movie review: “Doomsday”

  1. This does NOT sound like a good movie, Reggie. Will probably stay away from this one… I saw movie a couple of nights ago which was both really good and the most painful movie I’ve ever watched. It was called The Boy in the Striped Pajamas about Nazi Germany and the concentration camps and the emotional impact of watching it was intense. I haven’t been this moved (and not in a happy way) by a movie in a long time. Have you ever seen it? I have no idea whether to recommend it to anyone.

  2. Hi Kathy

    We also saw ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ a couple of weeks back.

    Like you, we found it very beautiful and deeply moving, though by no means uplifting. Did it really *have to* end like that? I guess it did, but I wish it hadn’t.

    Even though it left us feeling bereft, somehow sharing in the grief of his family, it’s definitely one of those very few movies that both of us would like to see again.

    And yes, I would recommend it to others.

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