“I am my own wife” returns to the Baxter!

I am my own wife, the fantastic one-man/woman play starring Jeremy Crutchley, acteur extraordinaire, is returning to the Baxter Theatre from 27 October to 7 November 2009 (see Baxter Theatre).  The play was written by Doug Wright, and is directed by Janice Honeyman. The venue, like last time, will be the small and intimate Baxter Studio upstairs.

I Am My Own Wife dramatises the life history of a famous German transvestite, Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, birthname Lothar Berfelde (1928 – 2002). It is set in Berlin during the 20th century, and thus spans the entire period of the Second World War and its aftermath, right through the years of the German Democratic Republic (1949-1990). The play is based on a series of actual interviews between US playwright Doug Wright and Charlotte during the early 1990s.

During the over two hours that he is on stage, Jeremy plays an impressive 40 characters. I have no idea how he sustains the level of focus and energy this undoubtedly requires, but it is testimony to his genius and skill as an actor.

We’d gone to see it on 21 July 2009 (’twas part of my extended birthday celebrations – yayyy!). I’d been utterly blown away by the quality of the performance (see my post) – and promptly took a friend to see it the next week.

But the absolute highlight was actually meeting Jeremy after the show (I’d been a fan of his since I first saw his unforgettable performance as Alan Strang in Peter Shaffer’s Equus in 1985! – man, does that date me, hey?). We introduced ourselves, shook hands, and he autographed my programme for me. Yayyy!

Now that really was a special treat!

If you ain’t seen it yet, go book yer tickets now! ‘fore they’re all sold out! I’m thinking seriously of going again… 🙂


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