The siphon – it works!

When hubby came home this evening, I pointed out to him that I had been unable to get the siphon working because it appeared that my thumb was too small (see today’s previous post).

Once he’d recovered from that shock revelation, he generously revealed his very special, and most secret trick, which I shall now reveal to you: Instead of trying to clamp your thumb over the end of the hosepipe, you shove your little finger into it.




Now why hadn’t I thought of that?!

“So, let’s give it a try then,” he said, nudging me towards the pool.

“Err… ”

(Actually, I was thinking, darn, if this works, then it means I’ll have to do this myself from now on. Not good.)

“Come on, show me how you did it,” he said.

So I did. I carefully fed the entire hosepipe into the pool, making sure to push it vertically into the water, to prevent air from collecting in it and making it float upwards again.

Then I clasped the end of the pipe while it was still under water, and cautiously slid my pinkie (little finger) into the end. It fitted pretty snug.

Keeping it firmly in place with my other hand, I walked over to the drain, and reached down as far as I could before pulling out my pinkie.

A steady trickle of water emerged from the pipe.


So that’s how to do it!

(Now, the only downside of this is that I am no longer off the hook because of a too-small thumb. Drat.)

2 thoughts on “The siphon – it works!

  1. This is beautiful and i am printing this to add to your permanent file…you have file in my office actually a whole box of stuff pictures et cetera am such a bearucrat in some ways this was so wonderful…

    • Hehehehe, thanks Bobz! Actually, I just wrote a comment about you earlier today – look here! πŸ˜€

      I am deeply honoured to have a PERMANENT FILE in your office. WOW! I can feel my head swelling… πŸ˜‰ [chuckle]

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