It’s sickening…

… what human beings are capable of doing to animals.

I’ve just read a heart-breaking story on the BBC’s Northern Ireland website about a pair of mute swans on the Lagan Canal near Lisburn that were shot with crossbows.

Apparently, the female has a crossbow bolt stuck through her neck, while her mate has one sticking out of its back, partly hidden by his plumage. Amazingly, both are still alive, and in fact so ‘healthy’ (probably more like terrified) that the USPCA is struggling to capture them.

Also see: Newsletter and Belfast Telegraph and a longer article by Roy Garland about the swans on the canal in The Irish News.

It’s enough to turn one’s stomach.

There are some seriously sick people out there.

2 thoughts on “It’s sickening…

  1. Sometimes I think this sort of abuse is more likely to happen when children are not exposed to positive experiences with wildlife or domestic pets at a young age. They don’t feel that kinship with living things.

    Earlier this past season a number of young Canadian males out west put up a YouTube video of themselves shooting wild birds from a vehicle. Someone figured out who they were and they were charged. Woo hoo!

    • I’m pleased the Canadian authorities caught them.

      But isn’t is sad, though? That someone would think that it is fun to shoot at animals and to hurt them? If you think of these beautiful swans, paired for life, and doing their best to find shelter, food and warmth. It’s desperately sad..

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