Movie review: “Gene Generation”

Oh lordie…

Deep breath….

We sat through the first 30-45 minutes of this, getting more and more unsettled and agitated, before we unanimously agreed that it was the shitest film we had seen in a looooong time, and that it would not improve our lives one little smidgeony bit, if we forced ourselves to watch the rest of it.

Not even having a fantastic post-dinner cup of tea and nibbling our way through a delicious capuccino muffin was able to transform it into a good movie.

So we turned it off.

The verdict:

  • The acting was appalling.
  • The script was dreadful.
  • The plot was a complete mess.
  • The CGI and visual effects were abominable.
  • It was violent, blood-spattered, and full of rage.
  • The characters were unbelievable. Un-believable. Two-dimensional might be too generous a word. One-dimensional, maybe, at a push. It’s really hard on the viewer if you can’t stand ANY of the characters: Whom do you cheer for? Whom do you want defeated – or dead? Quite honestly? All of them.

And I just have to get this pet peeve off my chest:

WHY do so many film makers think that on-screen puking is cool?!

Seeing someone puke, even if you know it’s fake and rehearsed a gazillion times, is going to turn your stomach, particularly if you’ve just partaken of a delicious meal.

It’s a natural, instinctual response.

So why the blazes do they have to include it in films?!

Frankly, it looked like someone had assembled a video game from all the worst, most incomprehensible and most non-sensical fragments of other video games.

And then some bright spark (not!) said, “Hey, listen! I got a cool idea! Why don’t we make this into a movie?!”

You shouldn’t have. Really not.

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