Movie review: “Max Payne: Harder Cut”

Max Payne: Harder Cut (2008) is described as “a 2008 American noir action film, loosely based on the 2001 video game of the same name by Remedy Entertainment.” (Wikipedia article about the film)

It stars Mark Wahlberg as Detective Max Payne, who is haunted by the brutal murder of his wife and baby daughter three years previously; working in the NYPD’s cold case office, he continues searching for the killer. Driven by the single-minded desire for revenge, he starts to follow a couple of clues, which lead him to a group of people in New York City’s criminal underworld who are using a highly addictive drug by the name of “Valkyr”, which causes severe and very violent hallucinations (A detailed synopsis can be found here).

As is very clear from the Trailer, it is an extremely violent movie. I really didn’t enjoy it, because it was far too graphically violent and aggressive for my stomach.

We started to watch the special features, in the hope that the ‘making of’ might redeem the movie in some way (as does sometimes happen). We managed to sit through the first few minutes, filled with incoherent ramblings and expletives, until John Moore, the director, made the nastily dismissive comment that he hated ‘making of’ movies that declared, ‘we did this, we did that’.

“Well then, don’t make ’em, you jerk!” was our immediate reaction, and we turned off the DVD. Honestly, what a thoroughly unpleasant man! I sure ain’t planning on watching any of his movies anytime soon.

Unless you’re a fan of Max Payne, Mark Wahlberg, or John Moore, don’t bother watching this.

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