Power failure in Pinelands

The UPS connected to my PC flickered on and off a couple of times earlier today, signalling instability on the electrical grid. I just ignored it, because we often have little flickers like that.

At 14h40, though, the power did go off entirely.

Thank heavens for the UPS. It kept the computer going, or I’d have lost all my work. I quickly checked the circuit board, but all the switches were up. The fridge was off, though, and none of the lights were working.

I waited a couple of minutes, in case the power came back on, but it didn’t. So I trotted over to the garage, switched on hubby’s ingenious battery and inverter setup, plugged in the extension leads, and trailed them down the passage into the office.

Then I remembered set the sensitivity of the APC UPS from ‘high’ down to ‘low’ – otherwise the computer won’t work (something to do with sine waves, or sinusoid waves, or something odd like that), and plugged the computer plus peripherals into the extension lead.

It worked.


I’m even still connected to the internet, which is really handy.

But I’m not sure how much juice is still left in the battery in the garage. It’s now an hour later and the power hasn’t come back up, so it must be a pretty serious disruption. And there wasn’t even a storm or anything dramatic like that.

Now if I could only boil myself some water for a cuppa tea…

2 thoughts on “Power failure in Pinelands

    • Hi Kathy – thank goodness it’s back. Apparently, the power failure in the area was caused by a nearby fire… not sure of the details, exactly. But I *was* very relieved, when the lights came back on, as I didn’t have all that much juice left in the battery.

      Last year, when South Africa was experiencing frequent, very lengthy, unpredictable and unplanned power outages (see posts about our electricity crisis), Richard had set up a clever system in the garage with a battery, a battery charger, and an inverter (which you need to convert the battery’s DC current to the AC current needed by computers). To this, I can attach an extension lead, which I then drag into the office where I can plug in the UPS. This stabilises the power supply so that the computer doesn’t get damaged.

      We haven’t needed it much since then, so it was good to try it out again and make sure that everything is working.

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