Hadeda babies

A week ago, I wrote about the pair of Hadeda ibises nesting in the big tree in our neighbour’s garden.

Well, it seems that they have been successful in procreating: they have two little ones! We’ve seen them being fed, and managed to get a photo of Mumsy (or Daddy? hard to tell) snuggling them warmly.

Hadeda mom and a hungry baby

Hadeda mom and a hungry baby

I just wish I’d gotten a picture of both babies together, but they seem to take turns sticking their head above the careless clutter of twigs that is their nest.

Snuggling closely together

Snuggling closely together

I’ll keep trying, though. Thank goodness for digicams. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Hadeda babies

  1. There is a Hadeda nesting in a tree in our neighbour’s garden. We have never seen two Hadeda adults together, so we don’t ever know if it is Mom or Dad there – the nesting has been going on for about the past three weeks, there seems to be lots of puffing up and moving around by the adult. What can we expect to see when the ‘coming out’ time arrives?

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