My IP address

For many years I have been corresponding by email with a friend in Switzerland.

This morning, however, when I replied to an email he had sent me, my own reply came merrily bouncing back to me, with the rather alarming message relayed via my ISP’s Mailer Daemon:

“host[….] said: 557

Your IP address is from a blacklisted country. (in reply to end of DATAcommand)”

So when did that happen? When was South Africa BLACKLISTED?

I mean, I know we’re part of the DARK continent, whence all the biggest scammers and spammers and 419 conmen come, but I find it seriously disturbing that an entire country can have their IP address blacklisted.

Are we all being ‘tarred with the same brush’, then? (Ouch.)

But now, more to the point, how do I resuscitate communications with Switzerland?

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