Mr and Mrs Sparrow

Over the last couple of years, two little Cape sparrows have repeatedly built their nest ontop of the security light in our back garden, right beneath the eaves of our house. They picked a really good spot, I think, because it’s sheltered from the rain and the prevailing wind direction. A month or two ago, as we hadn’t seen much activity around the nest for a long time, we removed it and cleaned the site up a little, removing the gecko droppings and bird poo from the wall.

The very next day, I heard the two little sparrows twittering and tweetering excitedly outside the back door, and an inspection in the early evening revealed that they had started assembling the grasses, twigs and fluffy bits they needed to build a new nest.

Currently, it doesn’t really look like much:

The early beginnings of a new nest

The early beginnings of a new nest

It’s quite messy, I must say. If I was Mrs Sparrow, I don’t think I’d be ready to lay any eggs in there. Far too drafty and unstable.

I’m so pleased that they are still nesting in our garden, after that awful experience last December, when we rescued one of their babies from the jaws of Tuffy-Cat. For a couple of days, little Flutter-Wings was safe, but then he passed away after all, much to our dismay.

This morning, they were sitting in the barren branches of the unknown tree (explanation), sunning themselves and cleaning their feathers one by one. This is the only relatively non-blurry picture I managed to take with both of them together.

Mr and Mrs Sparrow

Mr and Mrs Sparrow

Don’t you think they look adorable?

I just love them. This picture’s a bit more blurry, but I love how they’re sitting close together. I think Mrs Sparrow has such a soft, gentle look in her eyes.

Sitting side by side

Sitting side by side

Mr Sparrow, in contrast, is always chattering and chirping away – he looks so intelligent and dashing with his black-and-white mask, don’t you think? I almost expect him to whip out a rapier to defend the honour of his lady!

Mr Sparrow

Mr Sparrow

10 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Sparrow

    • Hey Slamdunk – welcome to my blog and thank you for leaving a comment. Always intrigued to hear who my readers are. I shall pop over to your blog now. See you again, I hope! πŸ™‚

  1. Oh those sparrows are so sweet! You got a pretty good photo of them. We’ve had lots of nesting activity this year so far, more than usual, we think.

    • Thanks! They don’t sit still for very long, and they like to hide behind branches and leaves, so most of my photos are blurry! Thank heavens for digital cameras!

      I wish I had a bigger zoom lens for photographing birds and animals and such-like, but the longer the zoom lens, the more you need to stabilise the camera, and our birds don’t often give me a chance to set up the tripod! I think they like teasing me. ;-P

      Do sparrows nest several times a year? Do you know? I’m curious.

  2. Reggie, I really don’t know. Just tried to Google the answer and couldn’t get a definitive answer either. We didn’t think that robins nested more than once a year…were we surprised to discover they did! (Unless of course one set of robins moved out and the second set moved in.) I know what you mean about photographing these guys. Very challenging. I can’t seem to photograph anything that moves very well.

    • You probably won’t believe me, but our two little birdies just perched on the tree outside my office window, enjoying the last few rays of the sun, and then Mr Sparrow hopped right ontop of Mrs Sparrow …. and ….

      He did it twice!

      And then they just fluttered off somewhere.

      Either I need new glasses, or I need a drink.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hello Regg, Did the post office finally arrive with your book and card??????????? I am hopeful?????

    Beautiful pictures and words and thoughts…Dana and I are always touched to see the thoughts you share…always…The big day is today! You and Nelson…The book is Enlightened Mind I thought it cool…

    YOU are loved by all of us, Dana, Daniel and BOBZ! Regg

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