Rainbow over Cape Town

According to news reports, it was quite a hefty storm that drenched Cape Town this weekend. Heavy flooding has occurred in residential areas, residents have had to be evacuated – mainly from informal settlements in low-lying areas, storm water drains aren’t able to cope, torrents of water are flowing through gardens and houses, there’ve been rock slides on exposed slopes, and parts of the M3 were so deep under water that cars had to drive veeeery slowly to avoid flooding their engines. Well, that was our experience too yesterday afternoon.

Both the Black River and the Liesbeeck River burst its banks, necessitating the temporary closure of the M5, which meant that commuters couldn’t follow their usual routes from the N1 via the M5 to the N2, and vice versa. Predictably, there was rush hour chaos this morning, with numerous accidents being reported. The rain was still pelting us this morning. Parts of Rondebosch, Newlands and Observatory are under water, and lots of cars have gotten stuck. (More here.)

In the midst of this deluge, it was really comforting to see this beautiful rainbow as a reminder that the sun will shine again.



6 thoughts on “Rainbow over Cape Town

    • Yes, indeed, it could have been! I had a quick look at your travel report – it looks like you had stunning weather. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

  1. No, Reggie, I have never ventured to your part of the world. Have been to Europe three times. Will have to experience South Africa through your eyes now. Just added you to my blog roll so can keep track of your blog!

  2. Sympathies! We have had much torrential rain here too – interspersed with what we used to consider ‘normal’ summer weather.
    I am going to Korea in a week or so – on an artist residency – the monsoon surely must be better than this πŸ™‚

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