Stormy weather in Cape Town

We had to drive out to Kenilworth this afternoon, and the rain was absolutely pelting down. I took some photos with the cell phone camera of the rain and the flooding roads. Although it’s ostensibly a 3 Megapixel camera, the quality (even on high quality) ain’t all that great, but you can still get an idea of the stormy weather.

Rain storm in Claremont

Rain storm in Claremont

The storm water drains along the side of the road were so overloaded with all the muddy water gushing down from the mountain, that it created huge puddles. Here, you can just about see a river flowing along the side of the road.

Overflowing stormwater drains

Overflowing stormwater drains

On the M3, as we were passing the turn-off to Newlands forest and on the approach to the University, the road was so badly flooded, that cars on both sides of the highway had to slow down to a crawl to get through safely. A few cars had actually pulled over to the side, probably because their engines had been flooded. Fortunately, emergency vehicles had already arrived to prevent any accidents.

I tried to get a shot of the car ahead of us sending a woosh of water into the air, but it didn’t come out very clearly.

A spray of water

A spray of water

When we made it home safely, and after getting rather soaked opening and closing the gate, we celebrated our safe return with a restorative mug of tea in front of the heater.

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