The field at sunset

We took our post-work and pre-dinner constitutional* by walking down to the nearby sports field, which at that time of the day is the vibrant and exciting meeting place of a fair portion of the neighbourhood dogs. We strolled slowly across and around the field, watching two groups of youngsters practicing their bowling and batting action in the cricket nets, and enjoying the sight of dogs pelting at breakneck speed after a ball that an obliging human had flung into the far distance for them.

I so love watching dogs playing with each other and chasing balls – even the little ones put on such a speed burst that they’re almost a blur, and yet they don’t seem to mind too much if the big dogs with their longer limbs get to the ball first…

Today, I was particularly taken by the thousands of tiny white flowers that had sprung up across the whole field, and that were still open to receive the last rays of the sun before it sank below the level of the surrounding houses.


Flowers a-blooming on the field

Flowers a-blooming on the field

And if you turned 180 degrees around, this is what you would have seen:



I love sunsets… each one is so different.

It’s sad to realise that I’ve missed so many sunsets and sunrises simply by taking it for granted that I’ll have another chance tomorrow… or the day after …. or next week … or ‘when the weather clears up’ … or ‘when I’ve finished my work’…

But actually, each one is unique. And who knows which will be our last one?

* A constitutional (noun) is “a walk or other mild exercise taken for the benefit of one’s health.” I rather like that!

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