2 thoughts on “Thinking pink

  1. Reggie, it’s gorgeous and probably made especially so by your South African light. And look at that blue sky. Please enjoy it for me too 🙂 It seems like forever since we’ve seen blue skies here in Nova Scotia.

    • I also think we’re very lucky to get those brilliant blue skies here. I absolutely love them. I find they have an almost spiritually transformative effect.

      My favourite blue sky is the one we get during our winter, after a couple of days of gloomy grey and wet weather and that kind of dampness that makes your joints ache. Until suddenly, you wake up one morning to see that the sun has risen again, and the air is crisp and brisk and nippy, and your nose goes red and watery from the cold, and your breath comes out in white puffs, and you wrap yourself in a fluffy blanket so that you can stand outside in the garden, clutching a mug of steaming hot tea, and gazing up at that blue-blue-blue sky…

      I will gladly go out and enjoy it for you. Actually, I hope you’ll experience it for yourself some day. 😀

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