Green Point Stadium

This is a pretty awesome aerial photo of Cape Town and the new stadium for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, currently still under construction at Green Point.

Aerial view of Cape Town

Aerial view of Cape Town

The Visitors Centre at the stadium (with a capacity of 70,000 people) has been offering various guided tours of the stadium. The main one is the Soccer Magic Tour, which includes a 10-min presentation about the construction of the new stadium; a 35-min theatre performance called “The Greensman”, which is about the history of the Green Point Common; a Virtual Tour of the stadium; and a visit to the Viewing Deck from where you can see the construction site itself.

This YouTube video clip – with its patriotism-stirring soundtrack – is a virtual tour of the stadium’s design, whereas this YouTube video shows what it looks like at the moment.

P.S. We finally did a tour of the stadium, which I’ve described here and here. I hope you enjoy reading about it!

10 thoughts on “Green Point Stadium

  1. Hi Reggie
    Could you prehaps please give me more info on photo used above. We are trying to seek original photographer to obtain permission to use it – do you perhaps know?

    • Hi Henda-Mari
      It’s an extraordinary photo, and I also wonder who took it. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that info, because the photo was emailed to me from different people who had previously received it from other people… as happens with forwarded emails! 🙂
      I hope you find the photographer. Perhaps it’s worthwhile to approach the companies who do helicopter flips around the Peninsula? Maybe they know? Good luck!

    • Hi Trevor,

      unfortunately I don’t know his details. And I see that the website of the Green Point stadium visitors’ centre has now been disabled.

      I searched around on the Net for you, but – although I could find a number of photos by him – I couldn’t find any contact details.

      Why don’t you try to contact Glenn Kasner as David suggested?

      Good luck!

  2. Hi Adrienne,

    I’m sorry, but I am unable to help you with this. Google searches have not managed to give me an answer either. The visitors’ centre, which offered tours of the stadium during its construction, was demolished sometime at the end of last year – and the website no longer works either.

    I’m a bit puzzled by the fact that you want to know the costs of 2011?

    I suggest you contact the City of Cape Town (though I wouldn’t know which department), or alternatively approach your local councillor in your neighbourhood for advice.

    Good luck!

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