Squawk!! A Hadeda on the chimney

I got called outside by a terrible racket in the back garden. It sounded like a full-on row between two pairs of hadedas. Now, ONE of them squawking and screeching is bad enough, but all FOUR of them? An ear-splitting din!

When I came rushing out, I barely caught a glimpse of them on the lawn, and ontop of the fence, before they scattered.

Huge shadows reminding me of the Nazgul in Lord of the Rings swept over me in all directions, as they flapped almost silently to the nearest trees and rooftops.

It was eerily quiet all of a sudden.

I went back inside to get my camera and took some happy snaps of the one perched ontop of our chimney-pot.

Hadeda against the sky

Hadeda against the sky

More close-up:

Hadeda ontop of chimney-pot

Hadeda ontop of chimney-pot

Suddenly it caught sight of a rival in a nearby tree – SQUAWK!!!!



And then it gave me the beady eye:

Looking at me

Looking at me

They sure are magnificent birds. I wonder what message they carry?

6 thoughts on “Squawk!! A Hadeda on the chimney

    • Hahahahaha!!!

      No, not quite!

      I’ve not been offering anything at my birdfeeder lately, firstly, because the wooden feeder is falling apart – because of the big aggro ring-necked doves that take it over, even though they really don’t need ANY extra food; secondly, because the little birds that I want to encourage to visit seem to have done really well with what mother nature provides; and thirdly, because the seeds cost a small fortune, if you have to keep topping the thing up because – see first point – the big fat doves eat the lot!

      Actually, the hadedas are slaughtering my rainworm population. I wouldn’t mind them if they only ate the snails and slugs and cutworms and whatever those big fat white grubs are that flourish in our compost heap. But regular observation has revealed that there is a reason why hadedas have such a massively long beak – they pierce the soil and tug out poor, defenceless, wriggling rainworms (which I’ve wanted to encourage, because they aerate my soil).

      Sigh… it’s a warzone out there. πŸ™‚

      Actually, I wouldn’t mind a hobbit or two in my garden. Or a few earthy gnomes, a fiery salamander, a couple of airy sylphs and some watery undines. I wonder if they’re already out there? πŸ˜‰

  1. Staying at the coast the sun comes up fairly early ….having a Hadeda nest about 10 meters away from my bedroom Window and waking up 4H45 from their screaming is not nice !!!! , I’m sorry , I fail to see the charm in these birds …

    • Chuckle… I know exactly how you feel. πŸ™‚ Fortunately, the pair that nested in the neighbours’ garden seems to have ‘flown the coop’ together with their offspring, and so the regular squawking has come to an end. I often see the four of them on the nearby traffic islands, though, so they haven’t migrated elsewhere. I wonder whether they’ll come back next nesting season?

  2. Hi there, I live on the McGregor Road, close to Robertson. Yesterday, I came home to find my front stoep in utter chaos! Hadeda Raid! Three broken pots, plants all over the place……I was not impressed. My herb garden was already ruined laste week and now this! I love birds in the garden, but hese guys are destroying hours of hard work and quite a bit of money that went into my garden. Any suggestion of how to scare them away from certain areas, without chasing them completely off the property – not really what I want to do! Scarecrows? Do they actually work? I know about the tin foil and hanging CD’s, but I don’t want my garden to look like a second hand shop or junk yard!

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