Kitty crisis averted: Tuffy-Cat has regained her appetite

In case you are wondering what happened with our poor kitty-cat after she lost one of her front teeth (see my previous post), I am deeply relieved to report that she appears to have recovered all on her own.

This is her favourite spot right now:

Tuffy and her heater

Tuffy and her heater

She spent all of Tuesday night snuggled very tightly against me, purring loudly whenever I reached out in half-sleep to stroke her. I was sending her lots of healing energy, and I like to think she was picking up on that.

On Wednesday morning, she was clearly starving, because she trotted ahead of me into the kitchen and then sat in the corner, looking alternately up at me and down at her bowl. Her eyes were huge, and then she lifted up her paw, to make it really clear what she wanted. I don’t know where she learned that trick from, but it’s so cute! I think she must have watched dogs do it, and figured out that they use it to beg for something. Clever kitty!

There were still kibbles in her bowl, but I’ve realised that she sometimes wants me to empty out the “old” food (even if it’s “only” been in her bowl overnight), to clean her bowl properly and then to start from scratch. So I tossed away the remaining pellets, and washed and dried her bowl so that it shone, while she wound herself around and around my legs, purring loudly.

I opened the glass jar (oooh! how she knows and loves that sound!) and poured in a portion of pellets. That unmistakeable rattle of the pellets in her metallic bowl always makes her run over from wherever she has been sleeping.

And then she threw herself into her food… well, not quite literally. She chomped and crunched and chewed and purred all at the same time, as though she hadn’t eaten in DAYS!

By the time that I had finished preparing our own breakfast, she had licked the bowl clean.

I was amazed.

She came to sit right at my feet, looking up at me, and then glancing over at her bowl pointedly.

“Are you kidding?” I asked her. “Do you really want more?”

“RRRrrrrrrrrrrrr,” she replied, rubbing her head against my leg.

So I gave her another portion. She polished that off as well, leaving just four or five pellets as an “after breakfast snack”, the way she often does. I call them her “just in case” pellets. I think she does it “just in case” we go off and leave her alone for HOURS or – horror of horrors – for DAYS (not that we ever do). It’s probably one of those hang-ups that date back to her days on the street.

I’ve often wondered where she came from, before she was found by our neighbours (they told us a bit of her story). What life did she have? Where was she born? Did she run away? Was she abandoned? Apparently she had had a litter of kittens at some stage, but we don’t know what happened to them.

Yesterday (Thursday), I brought home a grilled chicken from Woollies (a special treat). As I was vroeteling around in the kitchen, Tuffy ambled in and sat in her corner, looking at me, paw uplifted. Her bowl had a small portion of pellets waiting for her, but she was clearly not interested in that. So I put a little bit of chicken on a plate for her, tearing it into very small pieces, in case her teeth were still sore.

As I continued tidying up the kitchen and making a pot of tea, she finished off the entire plate. Normally, she only eats a couple of pieces before she’s had enough, so that was highly unusual for her. Even odder was that she then came back to me, purring and winding herself around my legs, unambiguously asking for more. So I gave her another small portion, which too was gone in a flash.

But then she was happy, her tummy was full, and she contentedly curled up in front of the heater for the rest of the evening.

Well, not quite the whole evening … I’ve noticed that, when she gets chicken (which is rarely), she has these outbursts of playfulness and kittenishness. It’s as though she’s gulped down a tonic or a dose of caffeine, because then she races around the house, scampers behind the furniture, leaps onto the sofa or the shelf, and plays catch with a little piece of felt that she’s prised off from underneath a chair leg.

Sometimes, our cat is very entertaining.

I’m just relieved that she seems to have sorted out her own dental problems and that her appetite has completely returned to normal.

2 thoughts on “Kitty crisis averted: Tuffy-Cat has regained her appetite

  1. Well that’s a relief. The hardest part is having to guess what animals need when they’re not well. Luckily you can read her language well enough to give her comfort. I’ve noticed with my cats that they tend to also sense when I’m not well and try to provide comfort by staying close. Either that or they notice that since I’m not moving around much, I’m a good warm spot to rest on for awhile without being disturbed!

    • Yes to all of that. I’ve figured out that what she wants most of all is someone to be around and to stroke her from time to time and to talk to her. She’s very undemanding… unless she wants food. πŸ˜‰

      Don’t you just love it when they snuggle up to you when you’re feeling sick? Ahhh…. there really isn’t anything more comforting in the world when one is sick than a warm, furry body just snuggling up close, doing that whole-body purring that’s this low-frequency rumble which you can feel more than you can hear it.

      I’ve learned how to do Reiki, so I give that to her (and to me) often, particularly when she’s not well. I’m pretty sure that she does it back to me when I’m feeling ill. I like to call her version ‘Kitty-ki’. πŸ˜‰

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