My second book …

… is coming along nicely, thank you. 🙂

In the week before Easter, Richard’s sister Tanya flew down from Windhoek (Namibia) to stay with us for a couple of weeks. Needing a bit of a holiday ourselves, we headed off into the wilds of the Garden Route with her and had a totally wonderful time together. You can read a brief summary here, but will have to wait just a little longer for it to come out in book format.

Since I left my job, I’ve been finding it quite challenging to establish a daily working routine that actually works for me. It really is so much easier to go to a job every morning, do what someone else tells you or expects from you, and then come home in the evening. Freelancing is great, and I’m loving the freedom, the creativity and even the challenges. But *routine* it certainly ain’t.

No one’s looking over my shoulder or doing a performance appraisal or giving me deadlines to meet. Now I’m both the boss and the worker-bee. I look over my own shoulder, and give myself a pat on the back when I’ve achieved a goal, or ‘reprimand’ myself when I’ve been slacking off. (Perhaps it would help to be a contortionist or to have multiple personalities.) It’s a completely different mindset. I’ve been there before, so it’s familiar territory, but it’s still a balancing act that requires time management skills I haven’t had to use for a while.

The practical challenges of organising a second print run of my first book have taken an astonishing amount of time, money, petrol and effort. So sitting down at my PC, sorting through photos and video clips of our most recent trip to Knysna, and re-reading the disjointed notes in my notebook, has really been the last thing on my mind.

But what’s that saying? Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration? I think it applies to writing a book too. 🙂

At the moment, I’m delighted to say, the creative juices are flowing. Yay! May it continue until I’m done with my second book! Hold thumbs for me!

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