A chat with Shane at WastePlan

After letting off a bit of steam in my previous post about garbage collection day in our neighbourhood, I thought I’d be more proactive and to give WastePlan a call on 021 975 1288.

I got through to a man by the name of Shane and explained the situation to him.

Much to my horror, he confirmed that they had indeed asked the informal collectors to dig through the rubbish bins, and that they had given them green plastic bags for that purpose. I did my best to explain to him why this was a dreadful idea.

He also said that every single member of their team had to wear a green bib and an identification tag. I said that I had rarely seen any of them with bibs or ID tags. He sounded quite surprised. I suggested that they put photos of their team members up on their website, and to publish these photos in the local newspaper too, so that the residents know when someone is really part of the team and when they’re just lying.

I said that I had often seen trolleys filled with bottles and tins, and green bags ontop – he said they weren’t supposed to do that, and that these were illegal collectors. Apparently, they often received calls from residents who said that rubbish bags had been dumped in the canal or on one of the open fields.


To their credit, they are trying to get more of the informal collectors on board and working with them. But it really isn’t working in practice.

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